Need a DJ for your wedding that won’t kill your budget?
Throwing an office mixer and need appropriate music?
Want music at your next party but want to hold on to your cash?
Want your next get together to be more fun and interactive? 


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Full Event Service
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Your Budget DJ Services understands how important your big day is but doesn't think you should have to pay a small fortune for quality, dependable service. Now you can get everything you would expect from a professional entertainment service and more  without paying the average rate of $125 an hour. 

What You Won't Get:
An MC who makes cheesy jokes or crazy comments that can make you and your guests uncomfortable. A DJ who wears jewelry, baggy jeans or sneakers. You also won't get a DJ with an attitude when you ask "Could you turn it down a bit?" or "Could you stay for just a while longer?". 

What You Will Get:
Free consultation and fast, clear communication before and during your celebration. A DJ/MC that works well under pressure and easily takes direction. An audio engineer that takes full command of state-of-the-art equipment. A professional willing to go above and beyond to give great customer service. A responsible professional with personal injury and liability insurance.